Module 10b

1) Что случилось с каждым человеком? Напишите вопросы и ответы, как в примере.

2 A: What's wrong with her?
B: She has twisted her ankle.

3 A: What's wrong with him?
B: He has bumped his head.

4 A: What's wrong with him?
B: He has cut his finger?

2) Выберите правильный ответ для предложений ниже.

1-c(The cilence) What is the only thing you can break when you say its name? (Что единственное, что вы можете сломать, когда произнесете это имя? - Тишина)
2-a(Water) It runs and runs, but has no feet. What is it? (Он бежит и бежит, но не имеет ног. Что это? - Вода)
3-b(A towel) The more it dries, the wetter it gets. What is it? (Чем больше он сушит, тем больше влаги он получает. Что это? - Полотенце)
4-d(Your breath) What do you lose when you run a race and win? (Что ты теряешь, когда бежишь гонку и выигрываешь? - Твоё дыхание)

3) Обведите правильный ответ

1 A: I think I've twisted my ankle.
B: b Let me help you.

2 A: Is it going to hurt, doctor?
B: c Don't worry.

3 A: b You don't look well. What's wrong?
B: I hurt my back when a fell of my bicycle.

4 A: b Are you all right?
B: Yes, I'm OK.

4) Завершите обмены с правильным возвратным местоимением.

1 A: Do you need help finding your notebook?
B: No, I can find it myself.

2 A: Are they going skiing with their parents?
B: No, they"re going by themselves.

3: A: Did Mary get upset when she chipped her tooth?
B: Yes. But she calmed herself down on the way to the dentist.

4: A: What did you do at the weekend?
B: We entertained ourselves by watching DVDs.

5 A: I fell down some steps yesterday.
B: Oh, no! Did you hurt yourself?