Grammar Bank 6

The Passive

1) Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.
1 A: Have the bank robbers been caught yet?
B: Unfortunately, they’re still free.

2 A: Did you get the art book you wanted?
B: No, it had already been sold when I got to the shop.

3 A: Can I take some photos of this painting, please?
B: I’m afraid not. Cameras aren't allowed in the gallery.

4 A: Did you know Gandhi was assassinated in 1948?
B: Yes. It was a tragic loss.

5 A: Racial discrimination should be banned all around the world.
В: I think you’re right.

6 A: Who was Four Dancers painted by?
B: Edgar Degas

7 A: I was hurt by what you said.
B: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rude.

8 A: Will the security alarm be installed tomorrow?
B: Yes, they’re coming to put it in at 10:00 am.

2) Fill in by or with.

1 Three suspects are being questioned by the police.

2 Who was this sculpture made by?

3 The office is fitted with a high-tech security system.

4 The trapped woman was pulled out through a window by the rescue team.

5 This work of art was made with environmentally friendly material.

6 The statue is covered with spray paint.

3) Rewrite the sentences in the passive, as in the example.

1 Hackers broke into the security system.
The security system was broken into by hackers.

2 A detective is following the thieves at the moment.
The thieves are being followed by a detective at the moment.

3 You can see an exhibit of ‘Lego repair work’ in New York.
An exhibit of 'Lego repair work' can be seen in New York.

4 Have they caught the burglar yet?
Has the burglar been caught yet?

5 Witnesses saw the thief leave the building.
The thief was seen leaving the building (by witnesses).

6 You should change your password every month.
Your password should be changed every month.

7 They have sentenced the vandal to six months in prison.
The vandal has been sentenced to six months in prison.

8 Who stole the evidence?
Who was the evidence stolen by?

4) Rewrite the newspaper headlines in the passive.
A - Police to take measures against car theft.
B - Man charged with 20 bank robberies.
C - Unknown local artist wins first prize in Modern Art Competition.
D - Local Councif to remove all graffiti from Dublic Dlaces.

A Measures against car theft will be taken by the police.
B A man has been charged with 20 bank robberies.
C First prize in a Modern Art Competition has been won by an unknown local artist.
D All graffiti will be removed from public places by the local council.

The Causative

5) Complete the following exchanges using the causative.
1 A: Greta looks very pretty today.
B: Yes, she had her hair done yesterday.

2 A: Catherine is spending a lot of money on her wedding.
В: I know. She is having her dress made by a famous designer.

3 A: My washing machine is acting up again.
B: You should call someone and have it repaired.

4 A: The team did really well winning the championship.
B: Yes. They are having their picture taken for the local paper at the moment.

5 A: Why is Harry so upset?
B: He had his wallet stolen on the way to work.

6 A: When are they coming to sort out the air conditioning?
B: We are having the system serviced next week.

7 A: Did you see the story about the computer hackers on the news?
B: Yes, the government have had their system broken into.

8 A: What was Caroline doing when you called her?
B: She was having her nails done.

9 A: What’s wrong?
B: Someone broke into my house, so I am having a burglar alarm installed.

10 A: Is this your new sofa?
B: Yes, I had it delivered at the weekend.

6) Read the situations and write sentences using the causative.
1 They are painting my parents’ house. What are my parents doing?
My parents are having their house painted.

2 Lance has arranged for his car to be repaired next week. What will Lance do?
Lance will have his car repaired next week.

3 The thief stole Edith’s car. What happened to Edith?
Edith had her car stolen.

4 When Sally arrived, the electrician was fitting security lights outside her house. What was Sally doing?
Sally was having security lights fitted outside her house.

5 Bob has arranged for all his calls to be forwarded to his mobile while he is overseas. What has Bob done?
Bob has had all his calls forwarded to his mobile while he is overseas.

Reflexive pronouns

7) Fill in the correct reflexive pronoun where necessary.

1 A: Do you think Jeremy will behave himself when the new babysitter comes?
B: Oh, I hope so.

2 A: You should stop messing around and concentrate on your work. В этом предложении ничего менять не нужно
В: I know, but it’s so boring.

3 A: I think that was a success.
B: Yes, I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

4 A: Feel free to help yourself to anything in the fridge.
B: Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

5 A: Are you having a cake made for the party?
B: No, I’m going to bake it myself.

6 A: We have to sort out the problem by ourselves.
B: You’re right.

8) Choose the correct item.
1 Lee bought the present himself.
A itself В himself C myself

2 Keith had his arm set this morning.
A had В has C has had

3 We are having our new kitchen installed tomorrow.
A have В are having C had

4 She had her bag stolen on the underground last week.
A was having В had C had had

5 I burnt myself when I was making chips for dinner.
A myself В ourselves C yourself

6 They fixed the problem themselves instead of calling a repairman.
A ourselves В themselves C yourselves

7 Where can I have my ears pierced?
A pierce В pierces C pierced

8 You should have hired a professional plumber instead of doing the job yourself.
A ourselves В myself C yourself

9 Jenny hurt herself when she fell down the stairs.
A himself В itself C herself

10 Martin had his portrait painted by a street artist in Paris.
A painted В paint C paints

11 Honest, the door opened all by itself.
A herself В himself C itself

12 They are having the documents drawn up as we speak.
A have В have had C are having

13 I think I will have my dress dry-cleaned for the ball.
A am having В will have C have

14 Can you believe it - Fiona met Angelina Jolie herself.
A himself В myself C herself

9) Fill in the gaps with say or tell in the correct form.
1 A: James said to me that he had been called for jury service.
В: I think he told everyone.

2 A: The boy said he didn’t paint the graffiti on the school wall.
B: Don’t trust him. He tells lies all the time.

3 A: Have you told Felicity about the robbery?
B: Yes. She said she was shocked.

4 A: I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anyone.
В: I swear! I won’t tell anyone.

5 A: He asked me for the time and then he grabbed my bag.
B: That’s terrible. Did you tell the police what he looked like?

10) Change from direct speech to reported speech.
1 “I don’t use the same online password for everything,” said Pete.
Pete said that he didn't use the same online password for everything.

2 Bob said to us, “Watch out for pickpockets on the underground.”
Bob told us to watch out for pickpockets on the underground.

3 “Freedom of speech is a basic human right,” the protesters said to the reporter.
The protesters told the reporter that freedom of speech was a basic human right.

4 “The case will be heard in court tomorrow,” said the solicitor.
The solicitor said that the case would be heard in court the next day.

5 “A pickpocket has stolen my wallet,” the tourist said to the police officer.
The tourist told the police officer that a pickpocket had stolen his wallet.

6 “I will drive slowly,” Jane said to her husband.
Jane told her husband (that) she would drive slowly.

11) Lucy is considering a career as a forensic scientist. She has asked Ben Langden some questions. Report Lucy’s questions.
1 “Is the job anything like what we see on TV?”
Lucy wanted to know if the job was anything like what we saw on TV.

2 “What’s a typical day like for you?”
She wondered what a typical day was like for him.

3 “Can you tell me something about the scientific methods you use?”
She asked Ben if he could tell her something about the scientific methods he used.

4 “What kind of equipment is used?”
Lucy also asked what kind of equipment was used.

5 “What are the best parts of your job?”
She wanted to know what the best parts of his job were.

6 “Are there any parts of your job you don’t like?”
She also asked if there were any parts of his job he didn't like.

12) Report the sentences. Use the verb/ expression in brackets.
1 “Please don’t touch the exhibits,” the guide said to the visitors, (asked)
The guide asked the visitors not to touch the exhibits.

2 “Keep away from the edge of the platform,” the station master told the children, (ordered)
The station master ordered the children to keep away from the edge of the platform.

3 “When does the film start?” Olivia said, (wanted to know)
Olivia wanted to know when the film started.

4 “Let’s have a barbecue tonight,” John said, (suggested)
John suggested that they have/having a barbecue that night.

5 “Do you know what happened in court?” the man said to the reporter, (asked)
The man asked the reporter if he knew what had happened in court.

Introductory Verbs

13) Complete the gaps with the appropriate introductory verbs below.
(apologised, commanded, promised, refused, suggested)

1 “I'll be back before midnight, Mum,” Tanya said.
Tanya promised her mother she'd be back before midnight.

2 “I will not lie for you,” Glen said to Ian.
Glen refused to lie for Ian.

3 “Get in the car!” the police officer said to the robber.
The police officer commanded the robber to get in the car.

4 “I'm sorry I lost your book,” Brenda said to Pete.
Brenda apologised to Pete for losing his book.

5 “Let's take the bus,” Karen said.
Karen suggested taking the bus.

14) Match the sentences (1-6) to the correct introductory verb (a-f). Then, report the sentences.
1 - e “Stop that, or I'll tell Dad,” Josh said to me.
2 - c “Come on, Fran, run faster!” said the coach.
3 - d “Don't forget your dentist appointment this evening,” Kate told Tom.
4 - f “I'd like you to clean your room,” Dad said to me.
5 - a “She ate all the cakes!” Hans said.
6 - b “I can swim better than all of you,” Julia said.

a accuse; b boast; с encourage; d remind; е threaten; f want

1 Josh threatened to tell Dad if I didn't stop.
2 The coach encouraged Fran to run faster.
3 Kate reminded Tom that he had a dentist appointment that evening.
4 Dad wanted me to clean my room.
5 Hans accused her of eating all the cakes.
6 Julia boasted (that) she could swim better than all of us.

15) Complete the sentences.
1 “Let me take your bags for you,” he told me.
He offered to take my bags for me.

2 “You should eat more fruit,” Carol said to Ray.
Carol advised Ray to eat more fruit.

3 “Why don't you come for dinner this evening?” Larry said to me.
Larry invited me to go for dinner that evening.

4 “I climbed Mount Everest,” Grant said.
Grant claimed that he had climbed Mount Everest.

5 “You can go in now,” Ms Dean said to Kevin.
Ms Dean informed Kevin that he could go in then.

6 “Please don't tell the teacher,” Craig said to me.
Craig begged me not to tell the teacher.

16) Report the sentences using special introductory verbs.
1 “What a nice day!” said Aunt Dahlia.
Aunt Dahlia exclaimed that it was a nice day.

2 “You boil the potatoes before adding them to the soup,” said the cooking instructor.
The cooking instructor explained that we boil the potatoes before adding them to the soup.

3 “You mustn't park here,” the traffic warden said to the driver.
The traffic warden informed the driver that they mustn't park there.

4 “No, I didn't use your laptop without asking,” Neil said to Jan.
Neil that he had used Jan's laptop without asking.

5 “You never listen to anything I say,” Vince said to me.
Vince accused me of never listening to anything he said.

6 “Take two cold tablets and call me in the morning,” the doctor said to Dean.
The doctor instructed Dean to take two tablets and call him in the morning.

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