Key Word Transformations

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given and other words to complete the sentence.
Завершите второе предложение таким образом, чтобы оно имело такой же смысл первого предложения. Используйте данное слово и другие слова, чтобы закончить предложение.

1 Tom is a good basketball player, isn't he?
Tom plays basketball well doesn't he?

2 Our teacher will mark our exams.
Our exams will be marked by our teacher.

3 Have some biscuits, Marta.
Marta, help yourself to some biscuits.

4 'Are you travelling to Japan?1 Jan said to me.
Jan asked me whether I was travelling to Japan.

5 People say a dragon guards that cave.
A dragon is said to guard that cave.

6 Her parents gave their permission for her to go out.
Her parents let her go out.

7 'Let's go to the cinema tonight,' Joe said.
Joe suggested going to the cinema night.

8 Greg is twelve years old. Joe is thirteen years old.
Joe is older than Greg Greg.

9 Fred has lived in Toronto for two months.
Fred moved to Toronto two months ago.

10 We haven't been out to eat for three weeks.
The last time we went out to eat was three weeks ago.

11 Bob doesn't play football anymore.
Bob used to play football.

12 'Will I see you tomorrow?' John said to Nancy.
John asked Nancy if he would see her the next day.

13 Grant went to work on foot but now he drives.
Grant used to go to work on foot but now he drives.

14 After we finished dinner, Mum started the washing up.
Mum waited until we had finished dinner before starting the washing up.

15 'Where did I put my wallet?' he said.
He wondered where he put his wallet.

16 We have never seen such a funny film.
It is the funniest film we have ever seen.

17 Pam didn't come to my party because I didn't invite her.
Pam would have come to my party if I had invited her.

18 Leave now or you'll miss your train.
You'll miss your train if you do not leave now.

19 The beautician is painting her nails.
She is having her nails painted by the beautician.

20 It would have been better if I had taken a map.
I wish I had taken a map.

21 'You're right. The exam was hard,' she said.
She agreed that the exam had been hard.

22 If he runs faster, he'll win.
He will not win unless he runs faster.

23 Tony has got the same number of CDs as I do.
Tony has got as many CDs as I do.

24 It isn't necessary to water the plants for me.
You don't have to water the plants for me.

25 A designer won't make her dress.
She won't have her dress made by a designer.

26 You should get more exercise.
If I were you I would get more exercise.

27 That's the city Tolstoy was born in.
That is the city where Tolstoy was born.

28 'I can't speak French,' Sam said to me.
Sam told me he couldn't speak French.